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Paradise location, vibrant community, and fast internet. The ultimate work-life balance.

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Easy to Find

Situated at the intersection of the two main streets of the island, Working on Air offers you a central yet calm setting

Welcoming Community

Working on Air fosters both local and digital nomads communities. We can help you connect with anyone around the island.

Comfortable Environment

We offer comfortable seating and workspaces, as well as access to equipment, food and drinks and meeting booths.

High-Speed Wireless

Our co-working offers the most stable and reliable internet connection on Gili Air. Currently using 50mpbs Wi-Fi connection.

Your Perfect Workspace

Escape to the island paradise of Gili Air for ultimate productivity-life balance!

Surrounded by stunning nature and a welcoming community, you'll be inspired to tackle any task.

From swimming in crystal-clear waters to immersing yourself in local culture, our business hub in Gili Air is at the centre of experiences you won't want to miss!

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If you are looking if you can reliable work from Gili Air, this is your place. I've been there for 2 weeks, and did not have any problems. (imo much better that many places in Bali)

Be aware that the Gilis sometimes have electricity cutoffs (at least 5/7 hrs per month) and many other issues, but this place have its own generator and two different networks to rely for those cases, so they have you covered.

Also Fernando tries to constantly improves the place, so if you have any problem he will help you as much as possible.




Great coworking space to work and connect.

Being on an island it feels good to know there is a space to go if the internet or power cuts out as they have backed it all up.

It has everything you need and I am looking forward to seeing all the future plans coming to life. 😍

Pricing Plan

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Sunrise-Sunset 12h

IDR 225,000/day

With this pass you can access the space during office hours, when doors are open.

  • Secure Area
  • High-Speed Wireless Access
  • Utilities, Kitchen and Common Rooms available for all members

Night Owl 12h

IDR 165,000/night

With this pass you can access the space from 8pm until 8am with your own access card.

  • Access after midnight
  • Secure Area
  • High-Speed Wireless Access
  • Utilities, Kitchen and Common Rooms available for all members

Our Location

Some of us you might see around

Rudy, Co-working Space Manager



Putera, Tech Wizard



Hadi, Hospitality Hero



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